Join us at the HiiL 2021 African Justice Innovation Symposium

What would the world look like if the last four thousand years of legal history didn’t exist? If there were no courts or police forces working to ensure fair and equitable treatment by the law? What would a justice system designed using today’s tools, for today’s citizens, look like in Africa? How would you provide access to justice for all?

To try and answer these questions, the four HiiL hubs from North, South, East and West Africa are combining their resources to host the inaugural HiiL African Justice Innovation Symposium, a week-long programme that will examine existing innovations in justice delivery and the opportunities and challenges that present themselves in the world today. 

Over the course of four afternoons, starting 15 November, you will be able to take part in workshops, presentations and open discussions, to learn and share practical ways to turn innovative ideas into reality. From mobile technologies to sustainable business models and funding, the symposium is a unique event hosted by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, with the support of the sector at large.

To join in the discussion please RSVP here

We look forward to hosting you.